As a mother and a concerned citizen the United States, Blackfeet Tribe and State of Montana I have an issue. On our reservation as well as others, I know there are many unsolved crimes. The number is outrageous. We have struggled for years and years as suppressed and oppressed people. I am sick and tired of all the illegal activities that happen on the reservation with no consequences whatsoever. It is time for us as mothers, sisters, grandmothers, and aunts step and up become the voice to speak out and demand justice for our children and grandchildren.

We need the council, lawmakers, and congressional representatives to take action make our law enforcement accountable for the injustice we have to live with on a day-to-day basis. We have to fear for our children and grandchildren on a daily basis because of the meth use, violent and sexual offenders walking the street, yet the entire community hears of what these people are doing and who they are, but nothing ever happens to them. If arrested, they are walking free the next day, and may never be convicted. Why? Because we do not have licensed investigators or competent ones. We are supposed to be wards of the United States, the Bureau is supposed to maintain and be intelligent enough to know that there is a huge injustice to the Native American population.

I am not so much asking for the federal government or Bureau of Indian Affairs save us, I want us, to save us. People we need to speak out, tell your story of your unsolved mystery. Do not be afraid to speak out to the nation and say I saw this happening I turned it in, called the cops, nothing is done. It is time that we come together and demand justice for all. We all know that we see a drug dealer’s house with traffic all hours of the night, but nothing happens when reported. We watch little children led down the street all hours of the night so the parent(s) can get to the dealers. Is this not child abuse/neglect. What happened to curfew? We have assaults at a house multiple times, people arrested from the house on a daily basis, still they are back the next day. We have people living in condemned homes with no running water, no food for the kids, but they can afford to get drugs. It is public knowledge about the dealers, and what goes on here, but it continues and it is getting worse.

Please people stand up and take back our reservations. Speak out to your council, representative, bureaucrats, and tell them we are humans and United States citizens and we are entitled to the same justice as everyone else in this country.


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Local communities working with Tribal Governments, Federal  & State Agencies, 

The infrastructure to respond to missing persons cases, gather evidence, and coordinate investigations on reservations is simply not adequate at this point.

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